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Invitation: Failure

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Senior year in high school (shout out to my SGP alum), 1991, I'm filling out a book provided along with my cap and gown. Looking back, most of the questions were fun, but mostly meaningless to my adult self. What's the price of a snickers, gallon of gas, etc? What's the most popular movie, song, etc?

One question that I still remember answering all these years later. Where do you see yourself in twenty years?

Full of confidence (arrogance), youth and energy, I simply wrote...self-employed.

I kept my promise to myself. Co-founding a successful independent restaurant chain at the age of 19 that still lives on today. But do I really want to invite failure into my life? Of course not! But I accept that failure is part of any meaningful journey. Many of us will experience our definition of success (self included) and choose to stay there. It's comfy, cozy, doesn't push back (as much), and it gives us the guaranteed confidence we need to feed our ego.

Why venture out and risk failure? I'd argue that failure is the fuel to success. It makes you stronger. It makes you smarter. It makes you better. It's only failure if you quit. New experiences, new challenges, new relationships allow us to grow as a person without regard to our age. In jiu jitsu, we encourage new students to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Articulating the concept however, we are not as poetic, we say, "embrace the suck".

So here I am, asking anyone that's reading my first blog post of my life to join me on this Salutis Club journey. Calling anyone passionate about improving their life and sharing the benefits of CBD oil.

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