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CBD 101: This is the #1 factor in deciding which CBD oil to purchase.

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Did I get you with the title? Listen, this IS the #1 factor, but it's one of many. We'll discuss more factors in later blog posts, but for now, let's keep it short and simple.

Allow me to make a few assumptions. You have a family, job, social life, hobbies, and friends. You wouldn't chalk up CBD oil research as fun or as leisure time. I don't blame you. Wouldn't it be amazing if every company were just 100% honest and didn't use questionable marketing tactics? Yea, it would be. But I think we both know that's not the case. A study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association indicated that 69% of 85 products surveyed had an incorrect amount of CBD and/or THC on the product label.

Ok, I hear you. Just get to it you say.


I didn't say testing, I said third party testing.

Listen, my mom has been telling me that I'm handsome my entire life, most people (excluding wife) would argue that she is biased/wrong. Allowing a company to self test their product, (outside of quality control), is like accepting a mom's opinion of their son's good looks as fact.

Before you go all backyard scientist on me with questions like:

What about a full spectrum CBD oil, Albert?

What about the CBD concentration, Albert?

What about the CBD extraction process, Albert?

Take some CBD oil and calm down.

Yes, yes and yes, you are correct. These are not just important factors, but critical factors. But the only thing more important than any of these factors is that they are true.

We will explore what to look for in a 3rd party test in later blog posts, but for now, make sure your company has one to explore.

Early on in my business career I heard a saying that I still use in principle today, "Keep honest people honest". What does that mean? It's simple. Do business with someone you already deem honest, then frequently test their honesty. That practice has served me well in my (28) twenty eight years as an entrepreneur and as a father.

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Steven Spence
Steven Spence
16 сент. 2019 г.

Knowing CBD oils come from plants brings me to another point:


The preponderance of scientific evidence suggests that an animal-based diet — where foods like meat, eggs and dairy are the foundation of most meals — decreases overall health, increases the risk of numerous diseases, and reduces our lifespans. Conversely, the more plants you eat, the healthier you tend to be, decreasing your risk of many major diseases while increasing the quality and length of our lives.

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